Endless Slumber Medium

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Premium Hybrid, Ultra Temperature Regulation, Best of Both Worlds!

The Endless Slumber Medium Euro Top is the best of both world when it comes to ventilated gel memory foam on top of our unique edge-to-edge pocketed coil in one complete system. This European design hybrid is upgraded with all the best technologies of today. A temperature regulating hybrid mattress utilizing multiple layers of advanced cooling technologies such as Snowstorm fabric. To shed more light about this model can be found on its medium firmness. This bed is not too soft, nor too firm, its just the right amount of everything making it a very balanced mattress.

 Description: 14” total height

  • Snowstorm - Cooling fabric with cool release technology.
  • 2” Premium Graphite Memory Foam – Transfers heat away from body with conduction.
  • 2” Ventilated Gel memory foam - Offers premium pressure relief & breathability.
  • 2” Transition Core Layer – Complements comfort layers to merge support layer.
  • Premium “Steel Encased” Pocketed Coils - 660 individually wrapped.
  • Certipur Certified Foams – Industry’s highest standards in Eco friendly foams.
  • 20 year warranty
Made in USA - American made

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